The Making of ‘ADESIJI’

Hey all, I know it’s been a hot second. As some of you might bewell aware, I’ve been on the grind for the best part of 2 plus years,during which I’ve been searching, writing, stumbling, rising,singing, oh yes singing…….. and all the eventful things that makeup life itself. I’ve made quite a few friends along the way and of course, l learned a great deal in the process. I’m now ready to share. My new album, ‘ADESIJI’, has finally been wrapped up and I’m gearing towards its eventual release in September of this year on my own imprint, IVY Records. In the meantime,I’ve put together a ‘lil something for you all to checkout.It’s a behind the scenes documentary chronicling the making of the project. Below is a link from which you may view the mini documentary;

My website, is also been completely overhauled in preparation for the release. Kindly visit from time to time and of course, there’s the good ‘ol myspace page; I’d gladly welcome your comments and suggestions on the work. It’s likelyto be a digital only release with an exclusive, limited edition, double Vinyl & CD run been made available for purchase towards the end of the year as demand calls for it. Many thanks for the continued support and I look forward to seeing you all soon. Bless. ‘Siji

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