Come Rain Or Shine

To the many who braved the elements and came through for the summerstage show, I thank ya. Funny thing was, Nadirah suggested I have a word or two with the God’s for the rain to cease, and voila, as the event organizers were about to conceed and cancel, the rain stopped and the masses began … Continue reading


As a youngster in Gidi (Lagos) back in the 70’s, Isaac Hayes ruled the airwaves of my household alongside James Brown, Fela Kuti and King Sunny Ade. His powerful baritone, bald dome and impossing figure, created quite a an impression on my young ears, eyes and mind. The unending organ and guitar and meltdown at … Continue reading


After much wheeling and dealing, we’ve finally managed to reach a resolution with the previously canceled performance. The Yorubasoul Orchestra which features; myself (Siji), Osunlade, Quetzal Guerrero, Nadirah Shakoor, Oveus Maximus, Djinji Brown & Gabriele Poso, would be making our long awaited New York debut at Central Park summerstage on Friday August 15th at 7pm … Continue reading