Come Rain Or Shine

To the many who braved the elements and came through for the summerstage show, I thank ya.

Funny thing was, Nadirah suggested I have a word or two with the God’s for the rain to cease, and voila, as the event organizers were about to conceed and cancel, the rain stopped and the masses began to drift in. Suffice to say, we all had such a blast!!!!

Now back to the grind.

3 Responses to “Come Rain Or Shine”
  1. Titi Ogunjobi says:

    Ba wo ni. Se da da ni? Ko yaa l’enu bi eeyan 🙂 Wow! I thought that I was the only Yoruba into deep house music and acoustic soul. Adesiji, try to send me a note. I’m anticipating working on a music project within the next year, and I believe that I could give your next album a special spin. Ma femi sile lai lai!

    Ire O,

  2. Titi Ogunjobi says:

    Amin o, Ni Oru ka Jesu

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