Siji’s new album, ‘ADESJI’, now available!!!

2008 IVY Records

I finally made it!!!

My latest offering, ‘ADESIJI’ is now exclusively available for purchase in digital download format from All downloads have been bounced at a bit rate of 320 kbps for your optimum listening pleasure.
‘ADESIJI’, shall be made widely available on all digital outlets (Itunes, Rhaphsody, Amazon etc) in the coming weeks. Physical copies of the album on 12″ Vinyl and CD shall also be available for purchase exclusively from the website towards the end of October. Kindly lookout for updates on the record, remixes and news on my forthcoming promo tour. The website is currently being updated and shall be fully unveiled shortly.

The making of my sophomore album project has taken me on quite a ride as a few of you might well be aware and I count myself among the fortunate few who have been able to document the fateful journey through life in song. Many thanks for your continued support and I’m looking forward to showcasing the work live, at a city near you shortly. In the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy the trip, “Irinajo l’awa n’ile aiye o, Irinajo l’awa”

2 Responses to “Siji’s new album, ‘ADESJI’, now available!!!”
  1. Ade Sofola says:

    Hi, do have a date for the album on itunes? Thanks! A

  2. adesiji says:

    Itunes have yet to give a specific date for purchasing the album from their site given they have a huge backlog, but I’m being told it should be in a few weeks.

    The entire album may be purchased by track or in its entirety on the Amazon mp3 site, which you may access directly from my site;
    You may also purchase, physical signed copies from the site. Enjoy.

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