We’re on the cusp of change, or are we? I mean really, come next week the looming threat of a solid and dark recession would probably not abate if you ask me. To think of it, I believe we’re in one already. I graduated right in the throes of a downturn back in England many moons ago, and that experience wasn’t pretty.

Either way, I implore you all to get out and cast your lot with whomsoever ye choose, knowing full well you’d have to live with the outcome for decades to come. Our African prince in my opinion would help to induce some form of positive change in the psyche of the many young rebels and lost souls I see out my window and down the block all too often. I wish I could cast my vote, but being an outsider here in Babylon, I’m not afforded the opportunity to do so at this time.

Change means growth and real growth in turn requires some form of change. Go out ‘n vote!!!

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