I lived to witness history in the United States as it’s first Black President was elected by a wide majority last night. Glory!!!!

I happily took to the streets of Harlem late last night and immediately felt the complete sense of euphoria and wild jubilation the masses expressed in song, dance, chants, tears, screams, stunned silence….. as their long deferred dream finally came to pass. I must admit I felt the race was entirely Obama’s to lose, yet many expressed caution as the forces that be may yet pull some ‘Government Magic’ as Fela eloquently expressed in one of his many classics, ‘Coffin for Head of State’.

Change has indeed come upon us and rightly so. Funny how It’s taken the blundering and plundering of a misguided bunch of power drunk, morons to bring about the long overdue yet often forsaken selection of an Africa American to have a go at leading the nation. The repercussions of this historical event would be felt globally and particularly back home in Africa for generations to come. My kinsmen now expectantly await the winds of change to in turn blow across their continent as one of their own inherits the mantle to lead the most powerful nation on earth.

It sure won’t be an easy task and I figure we all have a role to play in this. We’ve called upon Barack Hussein Obama to lead us and we owe as much to him as he in turn does to us. My kinsmen, It’s time to buckle up, settle in and grind on. We’ve now lost a major excuse to call upon for our shortcomings.

Eniyan Dudu

Eniyan dudu e jide e duro (black masses stand tall)
Eniyan dudu e jide e yo (black masses rise and rejoice)
Eniyan dudu e m’okan yin duro (black masses keep your minds still)
Asiko nlo, ojo m’bo (time is moving along and the time cometh)


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