I’ve finally settling into life back home. It’s been a full and complete assault on the senses. I’ve had to decide between sleeping in a blanket of heat and total darkness or with making do with the mind rattling drone of generators. The landscape itself is brutal, dust/smog filled and humid as f**k! But hell, I’m home. The big apple in many ways prepared me for the unexpected, the chaos, the quick witted, the hustlers and flossers, the ballers……. only they’re way more aggressive out this way. Like a close buddy once mentioned to me a few months back upon his return home after 18 plus years in Babylon; “It’s a jungle out here bro, but the only jungle you’d ever want to be in”. It’s the jungle all right and I’m deep in it for the long haul.

There’s a great deal of work to be done here to undo some of the damage that’s been inflicted upon society at large. It’ll take nothing short of a cultural, social, spiritual, political, musical, industrial, psychological (r)evolution of sorts to steer folks right. But more on that later. For now, I’m home and adjusting to realities fast. My friends, many of whom are now industrialists, ceo’s, executives, decision makers and highly influencial members of society, have been nothing short of generous with their time, advice and hospitality. Simply put, I’m in great company.

The highlight of my trip thus far; watching the legendary highlife musician, Dr. Victor Olaiya hold court at the Stadium Hotel, Surulere in the wee hours of dawn last weekend. Awe inspiring!

Till later…

One Response to “LIFE IN GIDI”
  1. nir says:

    sounds like an assault on all senses indeed 🙂 i hope you will be able to post some photos/videos soon.

    sending you a big hug from the cold jungle of manhattan.


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