I’ve finally settled down into a groove of sorts out this way. The intermittent power supply although irritating, no longer unnerves the soul as does the brain numbing drone of chinese made generators. Hence, the sudden plunge into darkness no longer startles me. Things have slowed down some as Lagosians get back into the swing of things. I can’t help but feel i’m on a rudderless shipthough given there has yet to be any official statement made on the situation with the president in Saudi Arabia. I’ve come to my own conclusions though. Ol boy’s been long gone. 

I’ve now taken up a dear friends’ advice and chosen to focus instead upon the countless opportunities at hand and to see past the mountain of challenges the country presents on a daily basis. The many challenges at surface appear insurmountable, however, a closer look reveals they’re mostly self inflicted. Take the traffic for instance. I once sat in an oven like cab for what seemed like an eternity, only to drive past the supposed road block with nothing but my irate kinsmen acting the fool and refusing to give way to each and the other. I was also recently engaged in a screaming match with a police officer and a gate man who blindly ignored my pleas for directions simply because he figured I didn’t greet him appropriately beforehand. Take also the night I stepped out of my cab to have a go at the cops for their silly time wasting antics designed to frustrate and ultimately squeeze a buck or two out of you. I could go on forever. Nigeria intrigues and baffles on way too many levels. Yet, however foreign these things appear to me, I still feel very much at home.

I recently tried to put a few of my thoughts to song, but the melodies and rhythms I heard were all rage filled. So I figure I’ll chew on my thoughts for a hot second longer and then return to the music once I’m a little mellower and found a few sweeter groove to sing to. I haven’t been bold enough to power up a few of my musical gadgets given my laptop power cord was recently fried despite been plugged into a power conditioner/stabilizer. I hear it’s mad cold in the rotten apple and beyond. Tell you what, it’s hot and funky out here and I’d rather take a cold shower, tan my hide a little than deal with the sleet, snow, gloves, frostbite, bitter winds….. anyday. Home is where the heat is. Happy belated new year!

2 Responses to “THE STORY THUS FAR”
  1. nir says:

    hey brother man, sounds like challenging times for you.. just to show how much you had evolved over the years and how much change is required. from my upbringing in the middle east i know how it is when there is a lack of good education and money… people turn against each other.. may it be in the streets or on the road, in the lines at the bank or the airport. peace and prosperity brings tranquility and patience.

    be well and happy 2010!

  2. rayo says:

    i can’t imagine how hard it must be for u to learn to cope with these things, in a while you’ll get used to them though. Lol at having a go at policemen, been a while since i’ve seen anyone do that. its sad that these things happen though, very sad…

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