When We Gonna Learn?

Just as  I thought I’d gotten lagos, Naija down with nothing left to shock the senses, I was invited by fellow musician Ade Bantu, to assist on a project which touched upon capital punishment in our public school system appropriately titled ‘Whip Not Child’. We attended a primary school in Ajegunle and beheld, the horror, the heartbreak, the unthinkable.

Above is one of the science laboratories within which these unfortunate kids have had to learn. Dust filled, windowless, blackboard pretty much empty….I could go on forever. I saw kids huddled together like fleas on a bare concrete floor with no teachers present, no supervision NOTHING!  What the F**K!!!

Education is supposed to be the foundation upon which any nation can build and grow. It’s no surprise to see how far we’ve come when the very kids whose lives we’re supposed to invest in and nurture, are being neglected, punished and abandoned. We’ve invested absolutely nothing towards our future. I found it particularly humbling and indeed a reality check as to how badly things have gotten in Nigeria. Work dey O, work boku….as we say out here.

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