Having spent a manic 3 months plus in Lagos, I thought it best to let off steam. Things had come to a close head on the set of fellow muso, Ade Bantus’ music video shoot which I was co-directing. It was close to 100 degrees in the heart of Ajegunle City, and the area boys were getting restless. Boy was it hairy!

Ghana’s proven to be everything I’d been told it was and a whole lot more. The progressive mindedness, the hospitality, it’s pace and beauty, the smiles, the ebony hued beauties, the culture…….. I could go on for days. Thus far I’ve spent some time driving through Accra city to the neighborhoods of Osu, Kokomlemle, Labone, Kaneshie as well as the famed Labone University. I also got to see the WEB DuBois Institute as well as the Kwame Nkrumah Centre, both of which were moving and awe inspiring in equal measure. I’ve a few more sights to see particularly Elmina castle, Apam Village and Kokrobite amongst others.

I’m loving this place to bits and if I dare add, reluctant to leave.

One Response to “GHANA EMOTION”
  1. P.Way says:

    By the way, I think the Adesiji album is highly deserving of an instrumental version. The music is incredible. Let me know if you think this is something you would want to do and we’ll talk. I’m ready.

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