SIJI – “Ijo” (Produced by Alix Alvarez)

Artist: SIJI (Produced by Alix Alvarez)
Title: Ijo
Label: Sole Channel Music

One sunny afternoon on the 25th June 2009, I hooked up with my partner in crime Alix Alvarez to lay down the funk as it were. Out came his drum machine, the microphone, keyboards, percussion, and the song ‘Ijo’ (Dance).

Sadly though, right in the middle of our session a newsflash came up on the tv screen declaring the king of pop Michael Jackson dead. In utter disbelief, we denounced it as a hoax and continued with proceedings whilst still keeping a careful watch on the tv screen as the news unfolded. Suffice to say, the legendary MJ passed away a couple of hours later. To this day I still can’t believe he’s no longer with us in person, but I truly believe his spirit lingers on with the many he truly touched and inspired with his artistry.

I’d like to dedicate the song in his memory as he truly inspired me in many more ways than one to sing and indeed to get up and DANCE.

As the lyrics state;
E ju apa (wave your hands)
E na ese (shake your legs)
E mi ori (nod your heads)
E jide E mu ijo jo (Get up and DANCE)

click here to listen and download



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