“Ijo” now available on Itunes

Siji’s new single ‘Ijo’ is now available for downloading on Itunes The Lagos shot video is currently in post production. Stills to follow shortly. Advertisements

SIJI – ‘Morenike’ (Official Music Video)

Should the Gods deem me worthy of fatherhood, I have vowed to some day name my first daughter, ‘Morenike’ (moe-re-knee-ke). The name ‘Morenike’, in Yoruba means ‘I have found one to cherish’ and is usually bestowed upon a much sought after female child. Taken from my sophomore album ‘Adesiji’, the song has thus far turned … Continue reading


For the many who were wondering what I got up to in Lagos, kindly enjoy, Courtesy of my buddies @ Nigezie TV.


I’m about to embark upon a long overdue trip to see my native homeland, Nigeria. I was last on the continent a little over 7 years ago and without a doubt, much has changed since then. I’m hoping the trip would provide fodder for my next recording project as well as fulfill a nagging desire … Continue reading

Thelonius Monk; The Life & Times of An American Original

I’ve just picked this up. It’s quite a riveting and fascinating insight into the work and lifetimes of the high priest of Bop, Thelonius Monk.


We’ve just completed the first half of the video shoot for , ‘Morenike‘ and currently working on post production. ‘Enjoy.


Hip Hop needed this and the ‘Chef’ brews quite a feast on this tasteful blend of beats and rhymes. With Dre, the green eyed bandit and the GZA at the helm, the production was bound to be airtight. Enough of the auto tuners already. Acknowledge and support. Click on the image above to preview and … Continue reading


I’m digging Eric Robersons new album ‘Music Fan First. It’s highly encouraging to see an independent artist taking on the industry on his own terms and winning on all fronts. I particularly love his ode to chocolate city’s finest on the sensual ‘Howard Girls‘ Go check it out and help spread the word.


I sure dug me some Bill Withers. My old man dropped brought along a well worn copy of the ‘Still Bill’ album with him to Lagos when we returned home in ’74. It was definitely a household favorite alongside the music of Fela, Marvin Gaye & Sunny Ade. The new documentary ‘Still Bill‘ directed by … Continue reading


Ghana’s finest, BLITZ The Ambassador, finally drops his long awaited masterpiece and believe me, it’s a refreshing and riveting piece of work. In this musical age of pseudo, 1980’s, half baked, music gimmickery we’re constantly being force fed, ‘STEREOTYPE‘ delivers on many levels and should do relatively well with your support and basket mouth marketing. … Continue reading